Microsoft Cognitive Services, wat is het?

“…AI gebruiken om bedrijfsproblemen op te lossen…”

Ideaal toch?








“…Microsoft Cognitive Services are a set of APIs that provide cognitive functionality like object recognition, emotion detection, facial identification, speech understanding, sentiment analysis, text analytics, and more. Previously, you would need advanced knowledge of ML in order to perform such tasks. But Microsoft Research has used powerful ML algorithms to solve these commonly-used scenarios, and make them available with a simple API call. For example, you can send a picture to our facial detection API, and we will return age, gender, head pose, smile, facial hair information, facial bounding box, and 27 landmarks for each face in the image.

Just imagine the scenarios this enables: In retail or at a trade show, a company could use emotion detection to see how people are reacting to their products. Facial recognition could be used to find missing children quickly at an amusement park. These APIs can determine the male:female ratio at a nightclub, and identify VIPs or banned guests. The language understanding service can allow automated support bots to understand natural language. The object recognition capabilities can enable a blind person to read a menu in a restaurant or have their surroundings described to them…”

Een demo! :)

Leuk filmpje denk je dan, maar ik kan je vertellen dit werkt echt! Ik ben een tijd geleden bij Microsoft geweest voor een aantal demo’s en AI kon ‘zien’. Net als in het filmpje sprak de AI uit wat het zag…’Ik zie rode banken met personen en een laptop‘. Mind blowing hoe snel technologie nu gaat!


Hier kun je meer lezen rondom deze API’s. Heb je (nog meer) vragen over Microsoft Cognitive Services? Vul het onderstaande formulier in:

Clint Huijbers